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The continent has so much to offer in diverse culture, history and traditions. Destinations offering sun kissed beaches, fabulous nightlife, ancient cities and modern age architecture along with culinary delights – the countries of Europe have something to offer everyone.

Anything from the red roofs of Prague, the breweries of Germany, the stunning Austrian Alps, the beautiful beaches of the Greek Islands to the Spanish Costas is ready for you.

Is it the ancient roman ruins you want to visit in Italy? or the vineyards of Tuscany? or maybe the French Riviera has your name all over it. Then again, perhaps you want to jump on a cruise ship and sail through the Norwegian Fjords, or a visit to Croatia on the Adriatic sea might just be what you want.



52 States each with their own uniqueness. New York City is buzzing with life or you could drive on down to Key West in Florida for a more laid back American adventure.

Try your hand in the Las Vegas Casinos before riding out horseback to the Grand Canyon or head up to San Francisco and the wine making Napa Valley just beyond.

Or do you want to head south to the to the musical delights at Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans. Perhaps it’s following in in the footsteps of presidents up to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyards while taking in some of what Boston has to offer. Then you can always go down the Big Sur to Venice Beach in LA or head over to the Hawaiian Islands to explore the 5 magnificent islands.

New Zealand


The other side of the world awaits the avid traveller with cities to explore – the vast outback encompassing Ayres Rock, an immense array of wildlife, as well as the must see Great Barrier Reef, there is so much to do.

You could be checking in at the Gold Coast or Sydney Opera house or swimming at Bondi Beach.

Perhaps you want to visit family that have moved down under? Whatever the reason the adventure starts here.

New Zealand

New Zealand

The land of Lord of the Rings – so much landscape to admire and wildlife to spot, visit the cities of Christchurch and Wellington to explore further.

Mount Cook will rise above you on a visit to the shores of Lake Pukaki or trek the Old Ghost Road following the old gold miners’ route into the backcountry.


the Far east

Stunning scenery and a host of eastern cuisine is there for the taking on a visit to the Far East. Where to choose will be the hard part with such outstanding destinations as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, The Maldives, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong and of course China. From the rising to the setting of the sun, your holiday experience in a Far East Destination will be wonderful.



A varied and exciting continent from City destinations such as Cape Town or Johannesburg in South Africa, to a safari in Tanzania and visiting (or even climbing) Mount Kilimanjaro. Or perhaps you prefer an Island trip to Mauritius, Zanzibar or Madagascar. Then again North Africa has the delights of Morocco and Egypt looking for your attention.

middle east

middle east

Is it perhaps the Arabian Sea and the Gulf that you would like to visit and take in all that is Dubai, with it’s classy hotels, endless shopping Malls and beach areas. Or do you want to visit Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi or the island of Bahrain with it’s 5000 year history, Grand Prix circuit and pearl diving.



The Caribbean Sea has several outstanding islands all with their own white sands and turquoise seas, it truly is a holiday paradise.

Jamaica, Dominque Republic, Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados, Bahamas to name but a few are all waiting to greet you!


central and south america

Now you are entering another adventure zone. Mexico is the land of the Mayans and the Aztecs, a destination offering you sun, ancient history, Caribbean and Pacific beaches, jungle and water adventures galore and exciting food.

Costa Rica has its pacific resorts, ecosystems and rain forest to explore. Head further south into Brazil and the metropolis of Rio De Janeiro, Peru with the heights of Machu Picchu and Argentina with the delightful Buenos Aires. 

middle east

french Polynesia

If you want to travel in the footsteps of the movie South Pacific, head to French Polynesia and take in Tahiti or Bora Bora for a truly castaway paradise island experience.



How about seeing several of the above-mentioned places in one holiday. Cruising is the most fantastic way to travel and wake up in a different destination every day. Tell us where you want to cruise to and we can make it happen!

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